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DIG Issue 64 - May/June 2008

Nathan Williams Luc-E grind on the Australia United tour on the cover. Photo by Ricky Adam.

So yeah, we've pulled some all-nighters and produced the 64th issue of Dig. It's got news, interviews, profiles, trip stories, product rundowns and all of the goodness you've come to know and love from Dig. 

BALLBAG: You call that progress?
IGNITION: When Luscious met Evel, Perrico and the world's oldest street spot, plus the Attila Gangbangers jam.
DIG THIS: News, A Chain-Saw Bike, Owain Clegg, Beeler Van Orman, Josh Bedford, T-1 goes to Fakie and the new Philly Warehouse.
VIDEOSTORE: Odyssey's Electronical hits the shelves, plus reviews from Tasmania to New Jersey...
GARRETT REYNOLDS INTERVIEW: Garrett Reynolds, the most impossible NJ resident to get a hold of...
UNITED DOWN UNDER: United Bike Co's monumental three-week venture through Australia...
STURDY WRISTS: KC Badger lets it fly on art, bicycles and growing up normal in Phoenix.
ETNIES IN ESTONIA: The Etnies team attempts some winter street riding in Tallinn.
LOW PROFILE: Mike Moura, a Vegas-loving dirt jumper from Brazil...
THE NEW WHAT NEXT?: Austin transplant Andy Martinez gets the big-up treatment from his bros.
SHUT UP AND RIDE!: Jesse Williams keeps it quiet and shreds some big rails.
DIGITAL CRUNCH: Reader photos from around the world, exported from iPhoto and e-mailed to us.
SENT ITEMS: Awesome Lee Todorovich gets back to intro writing.
UNSOUND: Brooklyn's Parts and Labor on their gradual move away from being a bearded band.
BACKCHAT: United/4Down's resident multi-tasker, Dean Hearne.
Dig Issue 64 will be on sale in the UK on April 30, and on sale worldwide in Mid May.