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DIG Issue 65 - July/August 2008

Brian Kachinsky on the cover. Photo by Walter Pieringer. (Along with maybe the worst typo we ever made)

Ignition: Redbull's OZ dirt pipe, Inside story by Paul Horan, Austin in a winter wonderland, Hoop dreams with Mirraco in London, Old jam winter.
Dig this: Skavenger/Zoo York Bomb down Broadway, Unknown Bike company, A trail revival, Taj Mihelich the reasons why, Mark Lewman and Freestylin’ Magazine,Dane Beardsley and Same thing daily, Homage to the Little Devil bowl. Videostore: Stew Johnson and Anthem 2.
The Lino Gonzales interview.
Brighton ain't ready, 8 days in may.
How sketchy is Brazil.
Progress report: Rob Castle and Leandro Moreira.
Productivity: A Bike Co, BSD, S&M Bikes, Bicycle Union, Alienation, Mosh, Profile, Redline, Mutiny, ...
InStore: Green Machine.
Low profile: Ian 'Bengo' Bengochea and Alex Donnachie.
Who, what, where, when, why? Dave McDermott, Dave Dilleward, Joe McIntyre, Conall Keenan, Chad Moore, JJ Palmere, Brian Foster, Rahmel Hoyle, Denis Enarson, Jared Washington, Chris Wilson.
Lightning Bolts! in China.
Shut up and ride: C.J. Romero.
Digital crunch.
Readers letters.
Backchat with Bob Haro.

Most people, especially BMXers, probably don’t want history shoved down their throats. And we can understand that, especially whilst riding continues to move forward at such a relentless pace. There’s a time and place for it, and it’s usually not while you’re out on your bike. But there does exist a rich and vibrant history within our culture. We know what you’re thinking, but don’t get scared. We didn’t make a retro issue for #65 of Dig. What we have done is construct a subtle attempt at showcasing some of BMX’s more integral past, including interviews with the father of freestyle, Bob Haro, and the editor of Freestylin’ Magazine, Mark Lewman. These two unlikely subjects shaped a fair bit of what BMX has become today, and being as how we were in China for the Nike 6.0 Lightning Bolts art show alongside these luminaries, it made sense to share their stories with the current state of BMX. But as we stated earlier, this isn’t a retro issue. It’s still packed full of riding from the likes of Lino Gonzalez, Rob Castle, Paul Horan, CJ Romero, Cam Wood, Brad Simms, Brian Kachinsky and the Brighton Aint Ready house. But we’re not going to spill all the beans here. You’re just going to have to go find issue 65 of Dig BMX, on newsstands or even in your mailbox. Feel free to skip the lesson if you wish, but if you’re at all curious about how BMX got to where it is, then issue 65 might be a good place to start.