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DIG Issue 99 - March/April 2013 "99 PROBLEMS" (The last ever newsstand issue - See press release below)

Brad Simms / Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Kai Kuusisto.

014 BALLBAG – 99 PROBLEMS: Yep, things at DIG are changing in a big way. Will Smyth tells you more…
016 – 033 CHRONICLES OF A JOURNEY THROUGH MIDDLE EARTH: Rod Dolecki and Eric Hennessey head to New Zealand and discover that Flight of The Conchords isn’t even the best thing to come out of there.
034 – 047 THE FOLLOWING: A second full-length United video project is in the works so Fred Murray headed to Malaga and Tenerife on the first two trips with Slattery, Tom Sanders, Alex V and more…
048 – 059 WTP – #TRIPPINNORTH: Raul Ruiz (sugar), Brandon Begin (sugar), Andrew Jackson (sugar, specifically from a can), Mikey Tyra (bottle and popsicle sugar), and Marcas Grubbs (beer). That’s all you need to know. Photos by Andrew White
060 – 067 BRUNO HOFFMANN – HOLY LAND PRO: Everyone’s favourite double denim wearer from Deustchland heads back undaunted to Tel-Aviv to produce the goods for Red Bull. Photos by Fred Murray
068 – 085 JAPANIMAL: “I can’t believe someone ever said Tokyo has no spots. You are either blind or mental. It’s a dream come true. I loved it.” – Benny L. Photos by Rob Dolecki
086 – 101 BSD – HIPPIES IN MOROCCO: You can lead a horse to water but in Morocco you’ll probably find a spot there. Photos by Vince Perraud.
102 – 111 LOST FOR WORDS: Brad Simms and that cover story, Dan Lacey and that ledge that kicked the shit into Rich Forne, Ben Snowden is a deadman, Alex Magallan finally gets it done and Joby Suender draws a crowd in North Philly.


Factory Media have today finalised an agreement to sell DigBMX to brand founder, editor and designer Will Smyth. The deal hands back the brand to the former owner, and includes both the magazine and the website digbmx.com.

Darryl Newton, Factory Media Managing Director, March 2014: We’re pleased to able to pass DigBMX back to Will where it will flourish under his control. Factory has enjoyed association with such an iconic BMX media brand and the calibre of its team, and will continue to support it albeit as a passionate observer of its future plans. Will’s been a great member of our Company, and one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure to work with – we all wish him success and prosperity.

Will Smyth, March 2014: I want to extend my thanks to Factory for supporting DIGBMX for so long and for always letting us make the magazine that we wanted to make. I couldn’t be happier about regaining 100% ownership of the title. Thanks for the opportunity.

Will Smyth, March 2014: DIGDEPENDENCE DAY! Stoked to announce that we're going back to our independent roots ahead of the release of DIG issue 100. More info to follow over the coming weeks about what exactly we have planned for the future. Thanks to everyone out there who has continued to support us in one way or another over the past 21 years. Stay tuned here for updates. This Is Ours!