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DIG Issue 32 - SEPTEMBER 2003 

Jason Enns on the cover. Photo By Big Ed

Company policy: Ron Bonner - UGP and The Shadow Of Conspiracy.
Video store: Clicked 8, Props Road Fools 11, Soul 22.
Jason Enns interview.
The Lambrini jam.
T1 Endless Summer chapter IV: South Africa.
Unpublished photography by Ike Taylor.
Props Megatour 2; east coast indecision.
2003 Sprite Urban Games.
Low profiles: Charles Gillan Prow, Brennan Britton, Sebastian Pospischil and Sylvain Fabre.
BackChat with Will Jackson.

 Yes, so we went ahead and put a picture of Jason Enns and his dog on the cover of issue 32. No gnarly tricks or staggering accomplishments for BMX, but I feel this cover photo speaks volumes more than a flipwhip or 30-stair rail ever could. Jason Enns, as we all know, is an amazing bike rider. But yet again, there's a lot more to Jason than just the 'BMX Jason.' So there you go, that's the 'Two dog, 1 cat owner Jason' on the cover of issue 32. If you can get past the cover and into the issue, there's a load of 'BMX Jason' contained within his fragments piece; along with an Influenza by Ike Taylor, coverage of the Lambrini Jam, coverage of the Props Megatour 2 trip and a new section called Tight Setup, in which we tackle the un-tackled subject of BMX tech questions. All that plus the good old reliable crap you come to expect from each issue. I can't type anymore. Go complain about the cover now. I'm sure you won't be the first.....