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DIG Issue 54 - August/September 2006 

Mike Ardelean footjam nosepick during United Bikes' inaugural trip through the UK on the cover. Photo by Ricky Adam.

Summer is a tough time to make a magazine. Everyone involved in the construction of Dig is scattered throughout the world already. Then Summer hits, and most of us head out on the road for contests, road trips or whatever the nice weather might allow us to do. So we scatter even further away from each other, and then scramble around to find Internet cafes so we can make a magazine. The 80s pop band dubbed The Cars may have nailed it best when they said, "Summer, it turns you upside down." It definitely turns us up upside down, and forces us to work through some pretty haphazard methods. Ultimately though, it still works, and we end up with a finished product that reflects the tumultuous Summer months. Dig BMX Issue 54 is the latest product of our Internet cafe search, and it's based around a theme we haven't explored in quite some time, travel. There's also the wide assortment of regular features to round out the issue, along with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I think a list could do a better job than I ever could, so with that said, here's what you can expect to see in Dig BMX Issue 54.

FIRST THINGS FIRST (The Garforth Death Crew?)
DIG THIS (News, Leland on the verge of death, the Hooligan Trails, Sunday Bikes, Bone Deth and Elevation) VIDEOSTORE (Brian Castillo's Top Five Videos, a few reviews)
LOW PROFILE (Dean Evans)
UNSOUND (The Redneck Manifesto's first U.S. tour)
BACKCHAT (Ryan Barrett)

FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING (United Bikes in the U.K. For their first tour)
OBSERVATIONS (The Shadow Conspiracy in California)
ROUGH DAYS, LONG NIGHTS, TURTLE BIRDS AND MILITARY ROCK (The Metal Bikes '06 East Coast Tour) RE-RUN (The Second Roundabout Trip)
EASTERN BLOC PARTY (Sandy Carson's solo mission through Eastern Europe)
DESTINATIONS (Adelaide, Australia gets exploited and exposed)