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DIG Issue 55 - November/December 2006

COVER: Max Gaertig feeble to tailwhip in Sheffield, England, on the cover. Photo by Ricky Adam.

DIG THIS: News, the Snoff Shack, DuFFS Company Policy, Tom Blyth's
FBM, Elf's Number is Up, London's Calling & the Barend jam et al
LOST FOR WORDS: A photo essay documenting some broken rules....
PROGRESS REPORT: Donnacha Carroll
UNSOUND: The Evens
BACKCHAT: James Newrick

TEAR IT UP, BURN IT DOWN: The Ryan Metro Interview
REBEL YELL/REBEL JAM WEEKEND: UK FBM road trip to Berlin for the Rebel Jam weekend.
GUMMY BEARS AND GASSY WATER: The Etnies team traipses across Germany while Markus Wilke laughs at them.
STURDY WRISTS: Brad Simms keeps it clean...
ONE RAIL, 120 MINUTES: Eric Holley and one rail from one session.
REVOLT IN BRATISLAVA: The Revolt team heads East.

 We've been busy. Really busy. Well, I've been busy. I don't know about the other guys, but I feel like I've been running on empty for over a month. It started out in California. Then it headed out with me to Las Vegas, then it followed me home to New Jersey and held me hostage for two days while we moved out of one house and into another. Following that escapade, I got to sit down for 13 days and work on issue 55. Somewhere in the middle of all that, there was a few plane rides, a few train rides, one bike ride across the German border into Poland, and a complete viewing of 'My Name is Earl: Season One.' When all was said and done, there was a one full issue of Dig done, full of interviews, interesting spots and a smattering of humor thanks to the Sent Items page and Sandy Carson's captions. Here's the long and short of it before we get back to work on Issue 56.