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DIG Issue 60 - September 2007

Morgan Wade one-handed superman whip at height on the cover. Photo by Sandy Carson.

Sixty is an unusual number. In human terms, turning age 60 is usually symbolic of nearing retirement, and you start getting all sorts of discounts on everything from airline tickets to bus rates. In magazine terms, it's not nearly as symbolic as an issue 50 or even an issue 100, but in this day and age, it generally does mean that the magazine has been going for a fair bit of time, which is certainly the case with Dig. We're not going to have a party, expect praise from the anyone, or tell ourselves that we're awesome. We're just gonna get back to what we've always done and start work on the next magazine. For now though, we present you with Dig BMX Magazine Issue 60. It's packed with everything listed below and is our fist issue ever on re-cyled paper. Go get it, stay young, and sit tight a few years for issue 100....

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Tag team pool cleaning action from the dynamic duo of Owain Clegg and Ricky Adam.
IN MEMORY: RIP Ben Pritchard, a friend to many, Dig contributor and all around party animal.
DIG THIS: News, RIP Bill and Gary Jones, S&M anniversary party, Glass Non-Homage, Sergio Layos Filler, Casselberry trails, Net Opinions, Re:search and Destroy, Red Bull Empire of Dirt.
VIDEOSTORE: A guide to video etiquette on the Internet and how to make a web vid.
INFORMATION TRAVELS FASTER: BMX vs the internet? Interviews with, Jason Morris/BMXfeed, Nuno,Mike & Harrison at Defgrip, Bart de Jong/Fatbmx, H-Man/Sreeetphire, Adam Grandmaison/The Come Up, & Shino/Grindstate. Keyboards at the ready...
TEXAS IS THE REASON: 10 Texas born and bred BMXers dish the dirt on their home state. Featuring: Aaron Ross, Joel Moody, Joe Rich, Morgan Wade, Danny Hickerson & more...
DAKOTA ROCHE VS. NATHAN WILLIAMS: Two young bucks escape an onslaught of Internet coverage to make the magazine jump.
IT'S ONLY ROCK AND ROLL BUT WIZ LIKES IT: The Brian Wizmerski Interview and no Internet references.
DIGITAL CRUNCH: No one sends us reader photos in the actual mail anymore, so that old name had to go.
RAINSPOTTING: The Proper Bikes U.K. Torrential Rain Tour
Attila's Off The Field Jam: The spirit of Lambrini comes back to Leeds. Like it ever went away...
LOST FOR WORDS: Pretend you're checking your Flickr account if this magazine thing is too weird for ya...
LOW PROFILE: Two dudes from both sides of the ocean, Mike Parisi from the U.S. and Mat Evans from the U.K...
SENT ITEMS: Some incredibly poor grammar from the tiny corner of the Internet known as MySpace...
UNSOUND: Short Sharp Shock, Liverpool's answer to bearded early Anthrax...
BACKCHAT: Chris Moeller. The man behind 20 years of S&M bikes...