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DIG Issue 65 - September/October 2008

Leo Forte on the cover.

It’s that time of year again. Yup, we gone and did another road-themed issue, featuring road trip stories from far off places and nearby, unexplored locales. Now I know we’ve been pounding that “Travel is integral to BMX mantra into anything that would listen for the past ten years or so, and we’re not about to stop just because the price of fuel has gone through the roof. So we compiled 38 pages of varying road trip goodness to whet your roadworthy appetites, filled in the other half with interviews and features from some heavy hitters, then ran that ‘bad boy’ down to the printers (as they say). DIG 66 is on newsstands in the UK now and will be available worldwide by mid-September. Be sure to pick up a copy before you hit the road on your next trip. Oh yeah, here’s a rundown on issue 66’s contents:

IGNITION: Nike 6.0 Meet The People Jam in Cologne, Albie Bennett Camera Destroyer, Hoffman setting the record straight.
DIG THIS: News, Sean Burns’ Reason Why, High fives with Taliban Tom, The Red Bull Empire of Dirt.
VIDEOSTORE: Attention Stalybridge: the best UK video you haven’t seen, and the release of the Backyard DVD box set.
MAKING PLANS FOR NIGEL: The Nigel Sylvester interview.
ROAD WORTHY: Lonely Planet updates from Mexico to Glasgow with FBM’s Gypsy Caravan, BSD, Sunday, S&M and Subrosa.
PROGRESS REPORT: Mirraco’s Florida to UK transplant, Dave Rytell.
AN UNUSUAL SEQUENCE OF EVENTS: Future-present post-motor-driven sequences from Dolecki featuring Martinez, Wise and Devlin.
STURDY WRISTS: Austin to Rockville transplant Jeremy Hrabal gets loose.
SENT ITEMS: Our Russian mailorder bride has arrived.
UNSOUND: The New Bomb Turks, not back on it, still on it.
BACKCHAT: Back spreading the gospel of Levangelism, James Levan.