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DIG Issue 72 -  September/October 2009

Joe 'Butcher' Kowalski x-up 40/60 grind in Easton, PA. on the cover. Photo by Rob Dolecki. (Butcher is now in the two-cover club; his first one way back over 8 years to issue 15)

022 IGNITION: An eighties Haro demo in 2009? Old school bikes getting put to good use for once.

026 DIG THIS: Behind the scene check at Mesh, Albie Bennet’s crash test threesome, Bulldog & Jimmy Mac, Nike 6.0’s Italian boat trip, Brighouse trails birthday bash, the return of Grimaldo Duran and more…

044 RF17 - KINK VS ETNIES: Road Fools returns to the pages of DIG with a new twist and a man named after a 1970’s UK wrestler.

062 STURDY WRISTS: Tom ‘Robbo’ Robinson digs in.

072 ANTHEM 2 IN EUROPE: Stew Johnson gets together with Brian Yeagle, Sean Burns, Geoff Slattery and local host Vincent Perraud for a couple of Euro road trips. This video is going to be wild…

099 PARISIAN DREAMS: The Animal crew and Oli the German get busy in Paris, France: not Paris Hilton.

114 CREDENCE RAINWATER SURVIVAL: Credence dodge the rain on the FBM Gypsy caravan tour. Working class BMX on the road.

122 DIGITAL CRUNCH: This could be you…

124 SENT ITEMS: Marines with DIG tattoos?

126 UNSOUND: Russian Circles and the art of noise.

128 BACKCHAT: Steven Hamilton can have dinner with anyone… Just you wait and see… have their say…

144 BACKCHAT: Seth Kimbrough’s weird life.