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DIG Issue 75 -  March/April 2010

Colt Fake on the cover. Photo by Jeff Allen

012 BALLBAG: Matt Coplon and the power of print.
020 IGNITION: Sub-zero adventures in Estonia.
024 DIG THIS!: Tate Roskelly and ‘The Devil Weed’. A Homage to the Bro Bowl. BSD’s US travels. Jeremy Ball’s alter-ego. Garrett Reynolds and his Top 5 street spots. Brian Chace and the all new Refresh video.
038 BONE DETH THE MOVIE: You know things are messed up when even Burns and Co think it’s weird…
042 EAST WEST: Costal connections from Randy Brown, Jeff Kocsis, Andrew Jackson and Dave Thompson.
064 PARTNERS IN CRIME: Alex Kennedy and Ian Bengochea get their clips on for Nike 6.0 in Berlin. (click here to watch the trailer)
074 NORTHWEST PASSAGE: The Credence crew blast their way across the country.
094 LOW PROFILE: Berlin tour guide Brian Sadecki takes centre stage for once…
100 COLT FAKE - STURDY WRISTS: Limp wrists more like…
112 SOLID STATE - MIKE ESCAMILLA: An interview inspired by last issue’s rooftop article. Seriously…
118 LOST FOR WORDS: Some classic but homeless photos find their natural home…
126 UNSOUND: R.I.P. Vic Chesnutt.
128 BACKCHAT: Van Homan gets straight to the point...

"Colt Fake nabs the cover on this one as well as a Sturdy Wrists inside of the issue, featuring more of the insanity that the world has come to expect of the Florida ripper. Highlights for me included the aforementioned Sturdy Wrists, a behind the scenes article about the BoneDeth video shot by Boston photographer Jeff Allen, the East West article, featuring Randy Brown, Jeff Kocsis, Andrew Jackson and Dave Thompson, and the Credence article, shot by Brian Yeagle and featuring some ridiculously simple, yet amazing tricks. Best of all, the man himself, Van Homan, answers some questions to end the 75th issue." - AndrewBrady, www.fuel.tv