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DIG Issue 86 - January/February 2012 

Ben Lewis - Liverpool, UK. Photo by Ricky Adam.

014 BALLBAG: 10 years on. From Dig Low Profile to Pro. A look back at Ben Lewis’ first ever magazine appearance and some good words to boot…
016 IGNITION: Destroying Everything - Our very own Ricky Adam has a photography book coming out and we’ve got an extract to share. You heard it here first, maybe…

026 REPO: Vans Rebel Jam 2011 - The inspirational Darryl Nau recalls all the fun of the fair from Eindhoven.
028 YOUR NUMBER’S UP: Bad Idea - Tom Williams presents some little known facts and figures from Empire’s elusive video project.
030 INSIDER: Paul Robinson talks about making the leap from Revolt and the Lambrini Jams to handling 3 of the best teams in BMX.
032 RANDOM THOUGHT PROCESS: Andrew White puts his thinking cap on…

034 BALANCE POINT - THE BEN LEWIS INTERVIEW: “Back in the day everything was so black and white for me in regards to selling out…” Nick Coombes catches up with Ben 10 years after first writing about him in DIG. Photos by Ricky Adam. You don’t want to miss this.
052 JASON PHELAN GETS OWNED: Jason tells the full story of his nightmare year juggling constant injuries with staying motivated and filming.
060 KILLJOY - CREATIVE DISSENT: Jordan Utley, Shawn ‘Elf’ Walters and Tate Roskelly share some Killjoy secrets with the help of some awesome photography by Rob Dolecki.
070 STURDY WRISTS - DAVE THOMPSON: Shot entirely during the filming for Killjoy. Gap to what?
100 ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH - OSS AND VOLUME AT THE DENVER HOUSE: Andrew White and Devin Feil recall a month long stay in the city that’s sunnier than San Diego.
114 HOLT TIGHT BE LUCKY?: Sean Burns tries to make sense of Shajn ‘Ferbert’ Raines and some wild deadman activity.
118 MARK GRALLA - The Truth: NYC’s Ratkid might not like talking but he still tells it how it is.

084 LOW PROFILE: More potential cover stars in the making?
096 PRODUCTIVITY: Something to spend you Xmas winnings on…
126 DIGITAL CRUNCH: Send us photos and win shoes from etnies. Easy…
128 BACKCHAT: Mike Aitken - Respect!