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DIG Issue 87 - March/April 2012 

Bruno Hoffmann – Malaga, Spain. Photo by Fred Murray

014 BALLBAG: Winter Boogie Cookies – Sean Burns tells the story behind a true gap from hell.
016 IGNITION: Snakes In The Woods – Rob Dolecki and Mike Brennan in search of a legendary concrete serpent.

026 THE BAKERY: 10 Things You Didn’t Know – Brian Kachinsky gives you the lowdown on the scene unseen at Chicago’s favourite banger making facility.
028 FREEDOM40: Trailblazers – Nor Cal trail builders Jackson Allen and Mike Hernandez doing it for all the right reasons.
030 COREY AND SETH: Live Feed – Martinez and Kimbrough chat over breakfast on their long lasting friendship, childhood memories and how things have changed .
032 WINTER TRAIL SEASON: Keith Terra makes do after a winter of some serious discontent.

034 TOO MUCH TOO YOUNG – THE BRUNO HOFFMANN INTERVIEW: “I’m not going to sit here and give thanks to God or anything like that.” Bruno steps it up for his DIG interview, via the lens of Fred Murray, at home and in Malaga, reaffirming his position as everyone’s favourite German.
052 ECLAT – FREE AND SLEAZY TOUR: Burns, Tocco, IZ, Weston and Blacksmith get wild in the streets of So Cal… despite the heavy traffic.
066 DAVE MCDERMOTT – WHATEVER WORKS: “I’ve definitely called in to work a few times saying I’ve had family members die, or a family emergency so I could go ride.”. Skavenger’s spot finder talks drifting, travelling and reality TV.
076 CRAIG PASSERO – MANBOY: “I’ve been fucking around with a lot of nib jib shit.”
100 LOST FOR WORDS – PHOTOS BY ROB DOLECKI: Brian Kachinsky, Jared Washington, Lino Gonzales, Max Gaertig, Chris Harti and Randy Brown get the Dolecki treatment.
114 IPATH – A NEW DIRECTION: The first outing of the recently reformed IPATH team with Van HomanSeth Kimbrough, Shane Weston and Alex Magallan.
114 FROM THE SUBURBS TO THE CITY: Chris Marshall takes us on a raw photographic journey on the US east coast. Featuring some wild moves from Zack Gerber, Kevin Vannauker, Dan Bob, Matty Miller, Nick Seabasty and Steve-O.

084 LOW PROFILE: Jay Wilson
096 PRODUCTIVITY: Live, buy, ride, consume, die…
126 DIGITAL CRUNCH: Send us photos and win shoes from etnies. Easy…
128 BACKCHAT: Aaron Ross doesn’t like secrets…