DIG ISSUE 90 - Joe Rich Cover

DIG ISSUE 90 - Joe Rich Cover

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DIG Issue 90 -September/October 2012 

Issue 90 of the newly revamped and redesigned DIG. In this issue we’re bringing you some of the people, places, and events that have inspired and shaped BMX and our magazine since our first issue in 1993. To mark this occasion we’ve produced four collectable covers featuring Brian FosterRuben AlcantaraJoe Rich, and Van Homan; all legends of the modern era. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside:

Van Homan, Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara, Brian Foster. All photos by Rob Dolecki – except Ruben, by Vincent Perraud.

014 BALLBAG: Heart, Soul, Greatness, Originality… Mat Hoffman explains why those four guys above all fall into the ‘Legends’ category…

016 IGNITION: Four alternative DIG-era legends that we have grown to love over the past 19 years…

026 10 LEGENDARY PRODUCTS: Most of you probably owned at least one of these… The Merged’s Dave Patterson gives us the rundown of some quality produce that has stood the test of time.

028 STYLE POLICE – THE NO HANDER: Which kid didn’t learn to ride no hands? Joey Spinoza takes a close look at the numerous ways of taking your hands off… good and bad…

032 LEGENDS – JOE RICH: Can you believe Joe Rich hasn’t had a full magazine interview since 1994?! Joe talks T1, pretending to be Cru Jones, and getting a gun pulled on him for riding a skatepark…

050 LEGENDS – VAN HOMAN: “When you have a passion for something, you’re never just ‘done’.” – Rob Dolecki takes a look back at the incredible impact Van has made on BMX…

062 LEGENDS – BRIAN FOSTER: The Blue Falcon in all his glory – “Trail Nazis are going to be sick, but 1201, Trailblazin’, Seek And Destroy, all those videos I never saw. I was just racing; I just wasn’t paying attention.”

032 LEGENDS – RUBEN ALCANTARA: “It’s easy, you do.” – Fellow DIG Legend, Joe Rich celebrates the life and times of arguably the world’s most stylish rider.

094 productivity: A closer look at the head to toe setups of our cover legends. Four dudes who wear helmets and run back brakes….

100 LEGENDARY CONTESTS THE BROOKLYN BANKS JAMS: Dildo tosses and no permits… find out how the NYC scene celebrated Brooklyn’s most famous spot.

102 LEGENDARY CONTESTS – THE BACKYARD JAMS: The Backyard Jams produced some amazing articles, videos, riding, and memories… oh, and also a pair of twins…

104 LEGENDARY CONTESTS – THE GHETTO STREET COMPS: It didn’t get anymore ghetto than this… Can you believe that all this happened because of some loose ideas, hard work, and stolen pallets?

106 LEGENDARY CONTESTS – THE LAMBRINI JAMS: Fuelled by sparkling perry and northern grit, the Lambrini Jams were the epitome of UK DIY… find out how it all started…

120 REMEMBER ME? RYAN WORCESTER: We caught up with DIG family member, Ryan Worcester to see what’s been happening since hiking into BMX media oblivion…

122 REMEMBER ME? DAN PRICE: Aikido master Dan Price looks back at his time as a UK street pioneer, and his current life as a father…

124 REMEMBER ME? JOEY GARCIA: Remember that cool guy who used to win dirt at the X Games?

126 REMEMBER ME? GARRETT BYRNES: Dudes don’t get much radder or influential than Garrett Byrnes… ever wondered where he is now?

128 RESPECT – MIKE TAG: “It’s crazy being best friends with your hero”.