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DIG Issue 93 - March/April 2013 "THE PHOTO ISSUE"

Mike Aitken POSH, October 2008. Find out more in this issue as to why this is Keith Terra’s favourite trails photo that he’s ever shot.

-See who we consider to be The 10 most influential BMX photographers ever.
-Secret spot hunting with Bob Scero and Zac Costa.
-We give you 15 tips to help get your photos published in DIG… or elsewhere.
-Van Homan and co discuss their BMX photography experiences.
-Dolecki, Hoder, Delarosa & more make the most of hurricane Sandy.
-Looking for spots with The LFS Crew.
-DIG’s Rob Dolecki – interview and photo gallery.
-DIG’s Andrew White – interview and photo gallery.
-DIG’s Fred Murray – interview and photo gallery.
-Cutting words from The Secret Rider.
-Pro riders, photographers, and company owners, discuss their Photo Favourites.
Plus, photo experiments, unseen galleries, misguided opinions and more…

THE TEN MOST INFLUENTIAL BMX PHOTOGRAPHERS OF ALL TIME: We count down the ten photographers who have inspired and amazed us over the past three decades. Be sure to let us know what you think of our choices.
#SANDY SPOTS: Rob Dolecki goes on the prowl for newly rideable creations in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. With Edwin Delarosa, Mike Hoder and Jared Washington.
LOST FOR WORDS: Less words, more photos…
LOOKING FOR SPOTS: “Sometimes when you’re looking for spots, you find yourself looking for something else.” – Dan Diehl and the LFS crew go off the beaten track in the never-ending search for new setups.
WORDS AND PHOTOS – ROB DOLECKI: An interview and unseen photo gallery with DIG’s finest.
WORDS AND PHOTOS – ANDREW WHITE: Well-dressed Nashville based DIG staffer and some more of those perfectly lit images…
WORDS AND PHOTOS – FRED MURRAY: “I just shoot photos. People can think whatever they want.”
MY FAVOURITE PHOTO: Jason Enns, Ian Morris, Butcher, Brian Castillo and Keith Terra share their thoughts on a single photo that has inspired and motivated them throughout the years.

BALLBAG: Ryan Worcester hates ‘sports’ but loves BMX and photography. He’d like to tell you why….
COLLABORATE AND LISTEN: “I didn’t know photo contingency still existed.” – Sean Burns. Chris Doyle, Van Homan, Chester Blacksmith, Brian Kachinsky and Burns spill the beans on what it’s really like to collaborate with BMX photographers.
SEARCH AND DOCUMENT: Bob Scerbo, Zac Costa and Rob Dolecki go on the hunt for some not-so-normal spots and come up trumps.
PHOTO GEEK: Joey Cobbs gets super nerdy and experiments with some technical photographic white balance trickery…
15 WAYS TO HELP GET YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY PUBLISHED: “Don’t be a double-dipper.” – Follow our words of smart-ass advice and the road to published photos could be a little easier… maybe.
JOBSWORTH: Do you really want to be a BMX photographer? Sean Logan examines whether this is actually a viable career option…
WHAT I’M REALLY THINKING – THE RIDER ON A PHOTOSHOOT: “Photographers have no soul and they just want our blood.” The honest thoughts from another pawn in the evil game of the BMX soul-stealer.