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DIG Issue 95 - July/August 2013 "THE CREATIVE ISSUE"

First, we had the photographers and then the video guys, so now it’s time for a look at the designers, artists, creative riders and everyone in between…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this metal/dirt capsule configuration in Guadalajara, Mexico. In fact, it took Clint Reynolds about five times longer than it would normally have (thanks to less than stellar Mexican welding equipment); ten days to be exact. And it only took Sergio Layos about one second to whip around it (times multiple dozens of loops over the course of a few days). See more from the comp and find out all about the man who came up with this contraption on page 40. Photo by Rob Dolecki. Artwork by Chris Piascik.

014 BALLBAG: An artsy-fartsy guest editorial from Defgrip’s Nuno Oliveira. The helmet was just lying there…
020 IN THE BEGINNING: We catch up with Internet video sensation and trick innovator Tim Knoll…
022 HEY SIMONE!: I bet you didn’t you know that Simone Barraco was quite the artist?
024 HIDEOUT – THE TRUE ESSENCE OF DIY: Rob Palmer gives us the lowdown on one of the sharpest independent projects out there…
026 CHRIS PIASCIK: Find out more about this issue’s guest cover artist and his thousands of daily drawings.
028 CORRIGAN’S CREATIONS: Ryan Corrigan has built more ramps than even he cares to remember. The T1 setup is the sort of thing he’d much rather be talking about…
030 DREW YORK: What’s in a name?

034 CREATORS – JIM BAUER: He’s come a long way since Long Island visor buzzers…
040 CREATORS – DAVE KING: Nam trail sculptor extraordinaire and one hell of a wild contest in Mexico.
048 CREATORS – DAVE SOWERBY: One of the most overlooked and under appreciated guys in BMX explains how and why he does what he does…

056 THE TATE ROSKELLEY INTERVIEW: “If I wasn’t creative I wouldn’t be a pro bike rider”
070 THE CAMERON WOOD INTERVIEW: “Every single piece of woodwork is original, and that’s how I like to base my riding. Be as original as possible”
082 BSD – IN THE STREETS OF ATHENS: Well, you didn’t expect them to go to Barcelona for the Creative issue did you? Guest artistry by Dave Sowerby too…
096 SELECTED WORKS: Some choice imagery from three of our favourite BMX artists of all time – Bob Haro, Alberto Kroeger and Steve Crandall.
100 1080P – SOSH URBAN MOTION: An iPhone video frenzy on the streets of Paris. Rich Forne, Alex Kennedy, Will Evans, Jason Phelan and more, get involved in Hadrien Picard’s very cool project.
104 LOST FOR WORDS: More photographic gold via the ever creative eye of Rob Dolecki.
110 PROPER SPOTS: The Proper Bikes crew go off the map with Fred Murray in tow.
118 ARTISANS: We asked various product and graphic designers from six BMX companies to tell us what make them tick. Featuring Sean Curran (Merritt), Chris Gordon (Proper), Jay Dyer (Animal), Adam Roye (Cult), and Adi Gilbert (Profile).
128 WHAT I’M REALLY THINKING – THE SECRET SPOT HUNTER: “What the fuck happened to spots?!” Ryan Worcester wants to know.