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DIG Issue 96 - September/October 2013 "WEE DICKS"

YOUTH OF TODAY: ‘The Kids Issue’

Tyler Fernengel, Detroit. When first spotting this massive fountain sculpture my first thought was how rad a photo would be of a barspin, maybe 10 feet up the slant (12 if we’re getting crazy). When I jokingly threw out dropping in down it, Tyler responded he didn’t think it was possible to get up there until the previous week when he saw a friend post an instagram photo from on top. Five minutes later Tyler was standing on the top, and made his mind up that we’re coming back to get the photo. Kids eh? Photo by Andrew White.

024 – 039 / TYLER FERNENGEL – At Home in Detroit: Can you hear the drums Fernengel? DIG’s Andrew White and David Leep head out to the dilapidated city of Detroit to visit one of the raddest kids around.
040 – 051 / ANTHONY PERRIN – Nine Days in Budapest: “I feel different from other people my age…” French barspin whiz kid, Anto Perrin gets some good luck, and bad, in this massive urban expanse. By Fred Murray
052 – 065 / THIS GUY… The Stevie Churchill Interview: “I give my mom mad money.” Stevie Churchill gets a grilling from long-term friend, Jeff Martin. By Rob Dolecki
066 – 075 / THE ALEX DONNACHIE INTERVIEW: We sat down with Scotland’s Alex Donnachie and find out more about his daily life, why the hell he’s sitting in a bath tub of cereal and milk, and how he went to Rebel Jam and missed the whole thing. Additional questions from part-time comedian, Dan Paley…
076 – 093 / UNITED – Reflecting in Ecuador: Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, Rooftop, and Alex Valentino reminisce on their earlier days.
100-105 / FIRST ENCOUNTERS: Recognise these guys? Teenage photographic encounters with 5 riders who went on to become some of the best in the game…
106 – 109 / LIFE CYCLE: The Halahan family and the power of positive parenting. BMX dads aren’t all bad. By Brian Yeagle.
110 – 127 / TEEN SPIRIT: Mark Burnett, Mikey Tyra, Patrick Cullen, Jack Dorward, and Carlos Lopez. Five more wee dicks.
128 – 129 / WHAT WE’RE REALLY THINKING: The youth of tomorrow. These kids are the realest of the real. Really.